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Business & Home users, You NEED Affordable “Peace of Mind” Automated Monitoring 

CAHUSA Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

It is your Proactive rather than Reactive Professional Tech Support Staff! We Securely Remotely Monitor & Manage your Computing devices (Hardware/ Software/ Security) using a small program that reports any issues. All Computer Critical Software & Hardware, 24/7 Checks and Daily Safety Checks.  

Tech Service 1 
In-Shop Virus and Malware Removal without doing a re-install, SAVES YOUR Documents and Photos: Special Price $100.00 Tax Included
Also Includes 1/2 hour Tech Training when picked up.
Does not include Repair of Windows Updates or BIOS/UEFI Updates From MFR.(averages $25.00 more). 
Tech Service 3
Install or Troubleshoot Printer, Internet, Wireless Router:
Onsite Charge $35 Home $45  Business and $35 Hr. Home - $45 Hr. Business Onsite.
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Tech Service 2

Onsite Service Call:

Tech will come to your site to perform necessary Work. Onsite Charge $35 Home $45  Business and $35 Hr. Home - $45 Hr. Business Onsite.

Tech Service 4

In-Shop Troubleshoot System, No Start, Slow Start, Looping Start. Normal TS Time 1-2 hours @ $35.00Hr. + Tax 

Tech Service 5

System Yearly Cleaning: 

Tower/ Desktop $25.99 

Laptop/ All-In-One 35.99

Includes Interior Cooling Pathways cleaning, Updating all software (Operating System, 3rd party software, Recondition Hard Drive by removing Temp Files, recovering space and deep defragmentation. 

Tech Service 6
Home RMM 1st Month

           “Peace of Mind”
Secure Confidential Automated Monitoring, Installation Fee of Small Monitoring Program Included.
Daily Safety Checks - Failed Login Check (Bad-Guy Hacker Check) -
Patch/ Updates Status Scan/ Check Antivirus Update, Critical Events Log Check – Security/ System/ Application
Physical Disk Health Check Drive Disk Space Change Check
Remote Tech help 10 minutes & under Per Week is FREE
Additional Remote Tech Help Over 10 Minutes at Reduced Rate

One time Payment 1st Month Cost $27.99 Pay in advance.
Continuing Months at $13.99 + Tax More information on website plans page.