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We are your one stop shop for Computer Tech Support Services! Onsite, In-shop, & Remote Phone Technician Support with Private, Secure, Confidential and PC to PC Connection at Affordable Pricing. Website Design with eCommerce and Webmastering. 

We offer discounts for Military, Our Elders, and others.

Call for Our 19th Year in Business Special - Save $$ Combine Tech Service 1 & 1 Month RMM plan & pay only $140Tax Included

Tech Service 4
Remote Tech Service for Home Users
(Not our RMM Service). Secure, Confidential, Phone Tech help. We can assist customers some with "no internet issues" and also when computer is having other issues which do require an internet connection to remotely view &, if necessary, control the computer to solve the problem at hand. Cost $45 for 1st Hour minimum, upfront PayPal. Billed 15-minute increments after initial hour. US Based English Speaking only. 
Tech Service 2

Onsite General Service Call Within Service Area: 

Tech will come to your site to perform necessary Computer Work, TroubleshootingInstall or Troubleshoot Printer, Internet, Wireless Router: 

Onsite Charge:

$45 Home $55 Business 



$45 Hr. Home - $55 Hr. Business Onsite.

CPU Cooling Clogged1.jpg
Tech Service 5
System Yearly Cleaning: 

Tower/ Desktop $29.99 

Laptop/ All-In-One 35.99

Includes Interior Cooling Pathways cleaning, updating all software (Operating System, 3rd party software, Recondition Hard Drive by removing Temp Files, recovering space and deep defragmentation. If Virus or Malware is noted the service will change to TECH Service 1.

Tech Service 3
In-Shop Troubleshoot System, No Start, Slow Start, Looping Start. Normal Troubleshooting Time 1-2 hours @ $35.00Hr. + Tax 

Actual Repair of Issue(s) Depends on Remediation actions or hardware replacement needed. In some cases, we charge only a set price. i.e., Virus/ Malware remediation, system clean-up. If Virus or Malware is noted the service will change to

TECH Service 1

Tech Service 6 Featured Service:
CAHUSA Remote Monitoring and Management Yearly Subscription Service (RMM) Business & Home:
You Get Affordable “Peace of Mind” Automated reporting to our Human Technicians on the status of your computers: Hardware, Updates, Virus/ Malwares scans. Our Proactive rather than Reactive Professional Tech Support Staff, Securely, Confidentially, Remotely, Monitor & Manage ALERT Issues on your Computing devices (Critical Software & Hardware, 24/7 Checks and Daily Safety Checks) using small program that Alerts us about issues before they snowball. 

PLUS, "Go-To Geek" already set up to connect if you have an Issue or Question.

With Yearly Subscription, get One Month Free and 15 Minutes a Week Free Tech Phone Support with Us!

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